High-Traffic Area Solutions

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Extensive selection of high-traffic area mats and tiles, perfect for expansive areas and tailored for custom applications.

Clean traffic management

Matting for High-Traffic Areas

Enhance high-traffic areas with seamless matting and tiling solutions. Uniform, low-maintenance flooring for a polished look.

  • Durable mats

    Choose from our range of dependable and long-lasting mats, designed to withstand heavy use and provide lasting value.

  • Large areas

    Find the ideal mats for covering large areas with ease, providing both functionality and aesthetic appeal in extensive spaces.

Safe, Clean & Unique

Unique features of our high-traffic mats

Discover the unique features of our high-traffic mats. Our mats are crafted to stand out from the crowd, offering best solutions for your needs.

Rollgoods Idealfor Large Areas

Ideal for Large Areas

Specifically designed to cover extensive spaces, making them an excellent choice for large entrances or lengthy hallway.
Roll Goods Custom Application

Custom Applications

Can be trimmed into various shapes and sizes, offering adaptability to suit unique layout requirements.
Rollgoods Flexible Installation

Flexible Installation

Options to install them permanently like carpeting or lay them down temporarily as loose mats, providing installation flexibility.
Roll Goods Customisable


Can be tailored in terms of size and appearance, including logos or branding elements, allowing them to align with your identity.
Rollgoods safe


Equipped with a rubber backing, these mats minimise slipping hazards by securely gripping the floor surface, ensuring safety in high-traffic areas.
Rollgoods durable


Built to withstand heavy usage, making them a dependable choice for areas with substantial foot traffic.

Handle high-traffic areas every day

See the customer experience

Our mats are designed with safety, cleanliness and functionality in mind, so that end-users can have the best commercial experience possible.

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