Cotton Plus Cotton Plus In Use Cotton Plus In Use
Cotton Plus
Cotton Plus In Use
Cotton Plus In Use

Cotton Plus™ Mat

Product Number 5617 (Black/Colour); 5642 (Black/White)
Cotton Plus™ is the result of our commitment to continuous innovation and technological development.
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Sizes available

85 x 120 cm
85 x 150 cm
85 x 300 cm
115 x 180 cm
115 x 200 cm
115 x 240 cm
115 x 300 cm
150 x 250 cm
150 x 300 cm

Colours available

Black White2709

Borders available

Cotton Plus noborder
Cotton Plus border
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  • Yarn: Intimate blend of 50% Cotton with 45%
  • Polyester and 5% Polyester Microfibers
  • Carpet weight: 880 gr/m²
  • Rubber: 100% Nitrile Rubber (34% post-industrial
  • content) phthalate free
  • Total weight: 2630 gr/m²