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Our Story History

Telling our unique story. Since 1963.

In 1963, a visionary named Emmett Hart founded this enterprise, laying the cornerstone of what would become a global legacy. Our Story pays homage to our founders and their unwavering commitment to providing the world with safe, clean, and unique matting solutions.

Emmet Hart MA Matting Our Story
Our Story 1963


Emmett Hart established M+A Matting in a small building not far from LaGrange, Georgia. Before venturing into his own business, Hart had spent many years in the design and development division at Callaway Mills. His decision to start his own company was influenced by his better half, Nancy. At its inception, M+A Matting had just seven employees, including Emmett and Nancy, marking the beginnings of a family-owned enterprise.

Our Story 1979


Fast forward to 1979, and David Hart, Emmett's son, joined his father in the business. Together, they worked tirelessly to build M+A Matting into a thriving enterprise. This partnership endured until Emmett's unfortunate passing in 2000. However, the legacy he left behind paved the way for the next generation to take the reins.

Our Story 1999


In 1999, M+A Matting embarked on a significant expansion endeavour by merging with The Andersen Company, headquartered in Dalton, Georgia. This strategic move allowed the company to broaden its reach and product offerings, further solidifying its position in the industry.
Our Story 2005

European Presence

Six years later, in 2005, M+A Matting extended its operations internationally by establishing a manufacturing site and offices in Ronse, Belgium, encompassing an impressive 6000 m². This expansion was instrumental in serving the European market with top-notch matting solutions.

Our Story 2008

Strategic Acquisition

The year 2008 marked a pivotal moment for M+A Matting as it acquired the North American business of Kleen-Tex Industries, Inc. This acquisition bolstered the company's portfolio and reinforced its presence in the matting industry.

Our Story 2019

Continued Growth

In 2019, M+A Matting continued its growth trajectory through acquisitions. Notable additions to the M+A Matting family included Purple Mustard (UK) and Bartex (BE), bolstering the company's promotional business in Europe and solidifying its global footprint.

Our Story 2022

Driving Innovation

In 2022, M+A Matting achieved a milestone by acquiring Milliken's North American and European Mat Businesses. Milliken, renowned for its values-driven ethos, excelled in innovation, sustainability, and operational excellence. The acquisition included Milliken Mats' Middleton manufacturing facility in the United Kingdom, further strengthening M+A Matting's European foothold and its dedication to serving customers across the continent.

Our Story Today


Today, M+A Matting operates on a global scale as a leading mat manufacturer, with manufacturing facilities spanning over 75,000 m² with 1.100+ employees and a manufacturing footprints across multiple locations in the USA, UK, and Belgium. Renowned for our quality and customer service, we are a world leader in floor mat production. Our success reflects the high demand for our exceptional matting solutions.

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