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MA Matting Anchor Safe Roll Goods
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MA Matting Anchor Safe Roll Goods
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Anchor Safe Roll Goods

Product Number 4470
Anchor Safe Roll Goods is a low-profile, anti-microbial matting with adhesive backing to ensure it stays in place. It is recommended for commercial use on hard floor surfaces to help prevent slips, trips, and falls caused by moisture.
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90 x 30,5 cm

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Anchor Safe Roll Goods
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  • FIBER TYPE: Non-Woven PET (Polyester)
  • BACKING TYPE: Releasable adhesive
  • WEIGHT: 540 g/m²
  • THICKNESS: 1,9 mm
  • SIZE: 91 cm x 30,48m
  • MOISTURE BARRIER: Polyester Film
  • Passes Flammability Standard DOC-FF-1-70
  • Water Retention: +- 38 liter per roll
  • Certified High Traction by the NFSI
Recommended for use in areas where additional traction or slip resistance is needed. Especially popular in restrooms, grocery stores, convenience stores, healthcare facilities, and retail establishments.

Do not pick up your Anchor Safe Roll Goods mat to clean the floor underneath until you are ready to replace the mat.

Sure Stride mats can be left in place during regular cleaning. Floor scrubbers, vacuums, brooms, and mops will pass right over without damaging the surface of the mat.

Please use low settings for water and pressure.

Tougher stains may be pre-treated with standard carpet cleaning products and agitated with a brush to loosen the soil.

Sure Stride mats are designed to dry quickly, however, standard fans or floor blowers can be used to speed the drying time.

For extremely wet conditions, use a wet vac or extractor to remove water.

Anchor Safe Roll Goods mats are designed to last up to 4 months under normal use. Mats should be replaced if they show signs of wear, damage, or a weakened bond to the floor, and they should always be changed out within 4 months regardless of wear.