WOM Original Wom Original Mats Entrance6 Wom Original Mats Hallway3
WOM Original
Wom Original Mats Entrance6
Wom Original Mats Hallway3

WOM® Mats

Product Number 5603 (Original Circular Shaped); 5620 (Original Semi-Circular Shaped); 5621 (Original Semi-Oval Shaped); 5622 (Original Oval Shaped); 5605 (Plus Circular Shaped); 5623 (Plush Semi-Circular Shaped); 5624 (Plus Semi Oval Shaped); 5625 (Plus Oval Shaped); 5607 (Unicolor Circular Shaped); 5626 (Unicolor Semi-Circular Shaped); 5627; 5628 (Unicolor Oval Shaped); (Unicolor Semi-Oval Shaped)
WOM® Solution Dyed Nylon mats are specially designed to pick up dirt and moisture in heavy traffic areas and buildings where a high level of cleanliness is critical.
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Sizes available

60 x 85
85 x 120
85 x 150
85 x 300
115 x 180
115 x 200
115 x 240
115 x 300
150 x 250
150 x 300
200 x 200
200 x 300
200 x 400

Colours available

Black blue2130
Black green2100
Black red2140
Blank Mink2150
Clear Black 2255
Dark Brown2120
Dark Green 2233
Darkgrey 2195
Granite 2302
Light Brown2190
Light grey2110
Pebble 2305
Sandstone 2304
Scarlet Red 2264
Smokey Mount 2246

Borders available

Wom Original No Rubber Border
Wom Original Rubber Border
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  • YARN: 100% ECONYL® regenerated BCF polyamide, twisted & heat set multifilaments
  • TOTAL WEIGHT: 2374 gm/m².
  • RUBBER BACKING: 100% Nitrile Rubber (34% recycled content) phthalate free