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3-Mat Entry System

The ultimate solution to stop dirt and moisture at the door
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It is known that 85% of dirt, dust, and moisture carried into a building can be effectively captured within the initial 6 meters using appropriate matting. To address this issue, M+A Matting has introduced a 3-step Entry System. This system comprises three types of mats: scraper mats, scraper/wiper mats (such as WaterHog®), and wiper mats (carpeted mats).

Scraper Mats

The initial step involves positioning Scraper mats. These mats are situated outside the facility to serve as the primary barrier against dirt, grime, and moisture. Mats like our SuperScrape are equipped with surface cleats specially designed to remove stubborn dirt and grime from footwear, with a bi-level design that traps dirt beneath foot level. In contrast, the Optibrush mats come in a range of colours and feature a surface designed to channel away dirt and moisture, complete with drainable borders.

WaterHog® Mats

The second line of protection consists of the scraper and wiper mat (WaterHog®). Depending on your entryway and the chosen mat, WaterHog® mats can be positioned either indoors or outdoors. WaterHog® mats feature a bi-level surface that effectively eliminates and captures dirt beneath foot level. They also come with a specifically designed water dam border capable of retaining up to 4 litres of water per square metre. The robust PET fabric disperses water, expediting the drying process compared to conventional fabrics.

Carpeted Mats

Wiper mats (carpeted mats) complete the 3-step system by absorbing the final traces of dust and moisture from your shoes. M+A Matting provides a variety of logo mat choices to assist in promoting your company, including our ColorStar mats. Solid ColorStar Unicolor mats are also accessible, featuring the same fade-resistant, stain-resistant, and eco-friendly PET surface. If you require highly absorbent options, we also offer other solid carpeted mats such as Classic Solutions or MicroLuxx.

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