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Hog Heaven III Link Bord industrial duumi6
Hog Heaven III Link Bord industrial 9
Hog Heaven III Link Bord industrial duumi6
Hog Heaven III Link Bord industrial 9

Hog Heaven™ III Link Bord Tiles

Product Number 44498
Hog Heaven anti-fatigue mats are designed to provide comfort and durability in a variety of harsh conditions.
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Sizes available

Mat End - 101,28 x 111,12 cm
Mat Middle - 91,44 x 111,12 cm

Colours available

Hog Heaven III Linkable Comfort Striped Border Tile End

Borders available

Hog Heaven Link Yellowborder
Hog Heaven Link blackborder
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  • SURFACE OPTIONS: 100% Nitrile Rubber
  • CUSHION MATERIAL: Nitrile Closed Cell Foam
  • BORDERS: Yellow or Black Border
  • CUSHION DENSITY: 112.129 to 144.166 kg/mᶟ
  • OVERALL SIZE: Mat End 101.28 x 111.12 cm, Mat Middle 91.44 x 111.12 cm
  • COLOUR: Black
  • DUROMETER: 40 to 45
  • TENSIL: 1100 PSI
  • Provides superior anti-fatigue properties for employee comfort and ergonomic benefits.
  • Beveled edges around the mat help to minimize trip and fall accidents.
  • Certified Slip Resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute.ASTM C1028-96
  • Static Coefficient of Friction: Dry-.92 Wet-.86
  • Static Dissipative. Passes Flammability Standard DOC-FF-1-70
  • Welding Safe
  • NOT LAUNDERABLE in commercial washers.
  • Rinse with a hose or pressure washer.
  • Hang or lay out the mat to dry.
  • The mat should be laid flat during storage to prevent curling of the edges.