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Floor Protection Solutions for Large Areas

When it comes to floor protection in sizeable areas, M+A Matting offers a diverse range of mat solutions designed to efficiently cover extensive spaces. Roll good mats are crafted to efficiently cover vast areas.

Entrance Mats: In the bustling world of commercial, retail, and hospitality, expansive spaces demand specialised floor protection. These oversized mats are custom-made for large commercial entryways, providing an elegant and welcoming appearance. They effectively cover vast areas, leaving a lasting impression on customers and guests. With customisation options, including the ability to incorporate logos, you can assist your clients in making a distinctive statement.

Slip-Resistant Safety Mats: In areas where additional traction and slip resistance are critical, size is a key factor. Our larger slip-resistant mats are perfect for spacious restrooms, extensive grocery store aisles, and sports facilities. These mats are engineered to minimise slip and fall risks, enhancing safety and confidence for visitors and employees in extensive settings.

Customisation: Just like our standard-sized mats, our larger options can be customised to align with your unique requirements. Whether it's incorporating branding elements or selecting specific colours and designs, customisation empowers your clients to make a bold statement and enhance their brand presence across expansive areas.

Contact us today to discover how our roll good mats can elevate your floor protection offerings for businesses in need of larger mats.