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User Guide: Ordering Logo Mats

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1. Go to, click on ‘My Account’

2. Select "EU Account Login" or  "UK Account Login", type in your login and password.

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3. Go to Order ▶ Logo Mat Order. This will open the My Proofs page.

This page displays all requested designs. ‘Waiting for approval’ means the design has not yet been ordered. Once it is ordered, this text will disappear.

4. If you wish to order a design, click on the design number to access the Proof Details page.

Here you can see the product name, size, colours and preview of the design.

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5. If you approve of the proof sketch, press Click To Order just above the preview. This will open the Configure Your Product page.

Here you can choose your mat’s configuration (in this case the type and thickness of the backing and label options).

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6. Once everything is configured, you can calculate your pricing by entering the desired quantity in the entry field that pops up. You may also choose to add any comments to your order.

7. You can then add this to your basket (or standard order form). You will be directed to the My Basket page.


8. At checkout, you will enter the delivery address, ideal shipping method, and PO information.

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9. After completing the order, you will see the confirmation screen.

When your order is confirmed by a customer service representative, an email will be sent to your chosen address and you can further inspect your order for accuracy. We suggest checking for colour, size, design, and property mark information.