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MicroLuxx Mat

Product Number 4120
MicroLuxx mats feature traditional nylon fibers blended with finer denier fibers that work together to absorb more moisture than standard mats.
  • SUPERIOR MOISTURE & DUST CONTROL | Unique "microfiber" blend absorbs and retains 2.5 times more moisture and dust than standard carpeted mats
  • RESILIENT |High-twist, heat-set nylon resists crushing to better trap dirt and extend the useful life of the mat
  • FADE RESISTANT | Solution-dyed nylon won't fade in sunlight or with repeated washing; impervious to bleach
  • MADE IN BELGIUM | Please note, mat size is approximate as rubber shrinks and expands in conjunction with temperature and time.
  • Tolerable manufacturing size variance is 2%.
  • Mats are available in Stardust Grey, Storm Granite and Ocean Blue.

Recommended for indoor use at commercial entryways, in lobbies or any interior location where additional traction or moisture control is needed.

75 x 85 cm

85 x 115 cm

85  x150 cm

85 x 300 cm

115 x 180 cm

115 x 200 cm

115 x 240 cm

115 x 250 cm

115 x 300 cm

150 x 200 cm

150 x 240 cm

150 x 250 cm

150 x 300 cm

200 x 200 cm*

200 x 300 cm*

Special sizes available.

Maximum size: 200 x 550 cm*

* Width 200 cm only available for orders 100 linear meters and above

  • YARN: 50% Continuous Filament Solution Dyed Nylon and 50% recycled Type 6 Nylon MicroLuxx Solution Dyed Nylon.
  • YARN WEIGHT: 1112 gr/m².
  • STATIC CONTROL: Rated at less than 1KV on AATCC134 electrostatic propensity test. Satisfies IBM test requirements.
  • TOTAL WEIGHT: 3,112 kg/m².
  • PRIMARY BACKING: Freudenberg Polyester Spunbound Non-woven Fabric 130 gr/m².
  • RUBBER BACKING: 100% Nitrile EXS rubber for maximum oil resistance, weight reduction, and flexibility. Compression-molded with reinforced borders on all four sides.
  • SIZE VARIANCE: +/- 2%
  • FLAMMABILITY: EN13501-1(2019) Fire Certificate

MicroLuxx mats can be cleaned in several different ways.

  1. They can be commercially laundered (see Laundering Instructions)
  2. Vacuumed regularly (daily in high-traffic areas; weekly in lower-traffic applications),
  3. Cleaned with an extractor and laid flat to dry.

Mats should always be dry before they are placed back in service, and cooled before rolling.

  1. Flush, 2-3 Min. on a medium water level with a maximum temperature of 49°C
  2. Flush (optional), 2-3 Min. on a medium water level with a maximum temperature of 49 °C
  3. Break, 2-3 Min. on a high water level with a maximum temperature of 49 °C
  4. Rinse, 2 Min. on a high water level with cold temperature
  5. Rinse, 2 Min. on a high water level with cold temperature
  6. Extract on low speed, 1-2 Min.
  7. Shakeout with the drum turning, 1 Min.
  8. Extract, on a maximum of 250G, 3-5 Min.
  9. Dry (optional), 5-10 Min. with a maximum basket temperature of 82 °C
  10. Cooldown, 5 Min.

Additional Recommendations:

  • All Solution Dyed Mats can be washed together.
  • For Heavy Soiled Mats, increase the temperature up to max. 71 °C
  • The break should not exceed pH of 9,5; use low pH non-ionic detergents
  • Do not overdry mats; Basket-temperature of the dryer should not exceed 82 °C
  • If mats are not dried, the final rinse can be increased to 49 °C. This will reduce moisture retention following extraction
  • Lay mats flat following removal from washer; allow mats to cool before rolling