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Anchor Safe Lift Truck Mat

Product Number 4253
Anchor Safe Lift Truck mats effectively remove moisture and dirt from forklift wheels to minimize tracking and potential slip hazards.  They are ideal for use in areas where forklifts enter and exit buildings.
  • A bi-level surface effectively removes moisture and dirt from lift truck wheels to improve lift truck safety.
  • Modular mats are easy to install and scalable for the application.
  • An aggressive adhesive taping system keeps tiles from moving.
  • Polypropylene carpet is easy to clean and fast drying.
  • Durable rubber backing and polypropylene carpet top withstand lift truck traffic up to 6.000kg.
  • Recommended for all buildings where lift trucks must enter and exit a building to and from the outside.
  • Mats are available in color Charcoal.

Recommended for use in dry or wet environments where dirt, soil, water, may be present. Ideal for warehouses or any buildings where lift trucks must enter and exit to and from the outside.

115 x 170 cm

  • FIBER TYPE: Solution Dyed Polypropylene (Recycled PET Fiber)
  • BACKING TYPE: SBR Rubber, 20% recycled tire rubber
  • WEIGHT: 5 kg/m²
  • THICKNESS: 8,6 mm
  • SIZE: 115x170 mm
  • MOISTURE BARRIER: Polyester Film

  1. VACUUM CLEANING: Vacuum regularly with a commercial grade vacuum - A commercial-grade wet/dry vacuum is recommended for locations that encounter snow or heavy amounts of rain.
  2. EXTRACTION CLEANING: Extraction cleaning with a commercial-grade machine is the preferred method for deep cleaning the mats in place - Regularly scheduled extraction cleanings performed once every 4 to 12 weeks in heavy traffic areas will help reduce dirt and wear patterns
  3. PRESSURE WASHING: Pressure washing may be used for heavy cleaning - Mats should be taken outside or to an area designated for pressure wash type cleaning. The old installation type should be removed from the floor and mat - Pressure washed mats should be hung to dry - Mats should be dry before being re-installed

  1. Place the Waterhog Lift Truck Mat face down with rubber backing side up.
  2. Please tape along all 4 sides of tiles as close to the edge as possible Inside the rectangle, create an X by placing tape sticky side down (Blue side up) from one corner diagonally to the opposite corner.
  3. Then place the tile in the desired position. Carefully fold one half of the mat back exposing the blue tape.
  4. Remove the blue liner and trim back to the folded area. Then fold that half back into place and repeat on the other side.
  5. To secure the bond between tape and tile, apply pressure by walking around each side of the tile. At this time, the installation of the tile is complete.